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A Complete Workforce Development Solution


Print Industries is a national thought leadership and workforce development organization serving the advanced manufacturing sectors of print and graphic communications, by inspiring, recruiting, and training our next generation workforce.




Empower all stakeholders to share the opportunity and impact of print.




Awaken career seekers to rewarding new futures.




We are passionate about the future of print and graphic communications.


Why Print Industries?

The recruitment, retention, and training of the future print workforce is the most critical set of long-term issues facing our industry.

  • Labor shortages stretch well beyond the print industry, touching all levels of manufacturing.
  • The print industry is underestimated, misunderstood, or even unknown to many career seekers.
  • An aging production workforce threatens to slow this transformative process.
  • A steep decline in print production school programs has disrupted a key pipeline of new hires.


To address these issues head-on, a team of experienced print leaders have
designed a workforce development and thought leadership hub called Print Industries.



To inspire parents, students, and all career advocates, Print Industries is demonstrating the impact print manufacturing has on everyday lives by sharing how “print is more than you know” through an innovative marketing program called Print is Everywhere.

Through presentation tools, printed materials, and outreach to career influencers, Print is Everywhere is connecting career seekers to the opportunities in print today.



Print and graphic communications jobs are high-tech, highly-skilled, creative, and innovative.

The Print Industries interactive career guide is home for print career awareness, real-time job availability, and connections to graphic communications school programs, scholarships, compensation information, and more.



Print Industries “Experiential Learning” model combines on-the-job training and expert instruction, delivered through a rich-media learning management system.

Print Industries courseware begins with Introduction to Graphic Communications, a multi-module course designed to launch a print career. The Print Industries Learning Channel includes media by an integrated network of thought leaders, designed to inform the next generation of workers..